HRCH Skoog's Freyja a'Montauk was a natural hunter, she excelled in both upland and waterfowl hunting. Freyja had tremendous drive and eagerness to please that made her a joy to train.  She was a quick learner and had a great temperament. Freyja was always ready to go, to the very end.  Freyja was put to rest in  2010.

Valhalla Memory Garden


SHR Skoog's Blazin' Sif had a ton of go, speed and grace when she ran, almost floating across the ground. She was a great retriever and wonderful mother to 3 litters (34 puppies total).  She was willing to please and always ready to work.  Sif was put to rest in 2020 after getting to see her grand puppies out of Thrud.


Skoog's Odin was our first Chesapeake.  He was a great dog, eager to please and loved to play.  He taught us alot about Chesapeakes.  He was put to rest in 2006.


HRCH Skoog's Skadi was our first champion. A natural hunter, she excelled in upland game. Skadi had a nose that wouldn't quit and she used every bit of it to find and retrieve birds. She was eager to please, a quick learner and had a great temperament. To the very end, Skadi was always ready to train or play. Skadi was put to rest in 2008.


SHR Skoog's Moonshine Thor was one of the first products of our breeding program.  A gentle giant  with natural hunting ability.  He was eager to please, and possessed an amazing drive.  He did a great job of pheasant hunting and with his size, he was a great goose dog.  Thor was put to rest in 2016.